Topic Tests for BTEC L3 Sport: Unit 2: Fitness Training and Programming

Topic Tests for BTEC L3 Sport: Unit 2: Fitness Training and ProgrammingPut progress at the heart of your assessment strategy with these progressive topic tests.

11-12 cleverly structured write-on tests for Unit 1 and Unit 2 are
great for summative assessments; in-class, for revision or as homeworks!

Straightforward structure with clear and focused questions…

  • Range of question styles – from labelling images to short- and long-answer questions – perfect preparation for the exam
  • Real-life sporting applications – provide full appreciation of the link between theory and practice
  • Detailed answers and mark allocations – great for peer- and self-assessment!

Tests carefully designed to last for 45 mins to 1 hour each!

This is a good resource that has clearly been thought about very carefully to reflect the type of questions that students will face. I like the range of question styles used throughout… this allows students of all abilities to practice for their exam. It also gives students a chance to demonstrate the learning of content. The resource matches the specification well and clearly follows the learning aims throughout. This makes it the ideal end of topic activity for students to recap their learning. – C Priest, Teacher of Sport & Peer Reviewer

Includes photocopiable master with site licence; electronic copies available. Orders are normally dispatched in 2-5 working days.

Price is £79
Click here for full details and to order.

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