Cultural Podcasts for A Level Year 2 Spanish

Cultural Podcasts for A Level Year 2 SpanishOriginal podcasts provide authentic and engaging cultural insight!

6 topics | 12 podcasts | 18 worksheets

Designed to inspire A Level students and spark advanced learning, podcasts and activities showcase challenging language in a natural and informal way.

A male and a female native speaker provide varied cultural perspectives from different target-language countries on topical issues – based on the A Level specs – to boost knowledge and generate debate.

Your students will:

  • hone their listening comprehension skills and develop better pronunciation
  • learn new vocabulary and grammar to reuse – including idioms, colloquialisms and key expressions
  • apply their knowledge to a variety of stimulating activities

Structured learning:

Each topic is accompanied by two podcasts with transcripts of about 450 words each and three worksheets.

Worksheets 1 and 2 contain activities on:

  • vocabulary and grammar
  • listening comprehension (including answering comprehension questions, writing a summary, choosing the correct summary, picking the correct statements etc.)
  • translation (into and from the target language)

In each section worksheet 1 relates to speaker 1 and worksheet 2 to speaker 2

Worksheet 3 contains activities on:

  • grammar
  • speaking
  • creative expression

In each section worksheet 3 relates to both speakers

[Would you purchase this resource?]
What a fantastic resource! I LIKE EVERYTHING! This is the most exciting product on the market for AQA A Level Spanish that I have seen in 10 years! Apart from the ‘Getting to Know Guides’ every teacher should treat their students to this very useful, informative and progressive resource. The activities are engaging, educational and formatted brilliantly. It starts with vocab, grammar and builds into practice exercises, translation and then to independent activities requiring speaking and creative writing etc. All aspects of grammar are incorporated. Excellent idioms ‘ponerse la piel de gallina etc. Excellent stop and think questions ‘escalofrío which is super for differentiation. This is a superb, well devised, progressive, stretching and highly appropriate resource for A Level Spanish. It will really help my teaching of the challenging topics like racism and immigration. Students will be able to access the higher grades with these manageable activities by native speakers using current and topical language. – J Parker, Asst. Director of Languages & Peer Reviewer

It covers the A Level topics in a young person friendly and accessible way. Presenting a series of podcasts destigmatises listening comprehension by presenting what are essentially listening comprehension exercises in a less threatening way. This resource integrates, comprehension, grammar and translation skills. It would be a good focus for a topic-specific lesson and also could be used for independent learning given transcripts and answers are provided. – G Fagan, HoD and Peer Reviewer

Includes photocopiable master with site licence; electronic copies available. Orders are normally dispatched in 2-5 working days.

Price is £69+VAT
Click here for full details and to order.

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