Al Ritmo: A magazine for GCSE (9–1) Spanish students – Issue 04

Al Ritmo: A magazine for GCSE (9–1) Spanish students - Issue 04

Inspired by the 2016 specs

Suitable for AQA, Edexcel, Eduqas and WJEC

Exciting new look for a more modern magazine feel!

A creative page-turner brimming with articles and activities…

Al Ritmo offers authentic topical texts in Spanish on fascinating events, cultures and traditions within Spain and Latin America. In colour and with illustrations, this termly educational magazine will provide a refreshing step away from traditional learning – inspiring GCSE students to engage fully with the Spanish-speaking world and providing teachers with original, up-to-date resources.

A sneak peek:

Students can read interesting facts in the ‘Spotlight’ articles, delve into the life and trials of brother and sister duo Sara and Salvador in the ‘Gossip column’ peruse the ‘Themed articles’ tailored to three different levels… and much more!

  • Suitable for all students – articles and activities are differentiated for Foundation, Crossover or Higher for easy use
  • Themes and topics inspired by the new specs – students will engage with relevant issues and learn useful vocabulary
  • Stimulating activities based on exam question types – practical skills development without the pressure of timed exam practice
  • Fun games – students can continue to learn while playing solo, paired and group games

Flexible! For use in class, as independent extension work for eager students, as homework, for extra topic revision and cover work.

‘An excellent resource – for whole class teaching/individual or pair extension/consolidation work. Clear reference made to exam specifications at start. Clearly identifiable differentiated activities. A huge variety of task types. A wide variety of text types (advert/dialogue/interview/fact file). It has the feel of a magazine. Vocab support provided for each authentic text. Audio resources are a must [see upgrade]. I particularly like the ‘Spanish Sayings’ section as Edexcel are keen to see examples of ‘uncommon language’ in students written work. My Year 11 classes this year have created a bank of sayings they can adapt for each theme to use them in their speaking/writing exams. Having a resource like this with sayings for each topic area is a super idea.’ – L Howe, HoD and Peer Reviewer

‘I loved the resource and it actually contained a lot more information than I initially thought it was going to. The range of activities was at a very high level and all would engage students at KS4 and upper levels at Year 9 I’m sure. I particularly liked the differentiation and the way it had been integrated into the magazine – something I hadn’t expected. The activities are a nice balance between the vocabulary and grammar and there is still some English in the magazine in order not to ‘over-awe’ the students. I liked the use of the Spanish questions for the higher-level articles and the translation focus on most articles; both Spanish to English and vice versa, which is required in the reading and writing sections. The ‘popular expressions’ help the students to learn more colloquial phrases which can be incorporated into their speaking exam. I am very much in favour of this resource… thank you for designing it.’ – S Sweeney, HoD and Peer Reviewer

‘This is a fantastic resource and one that could be used within the MFL classroom as a learning tool, but also as a resource in the library, to promote students’ self-study. Each article has activities linked to it, and the answers are at the back should students be doing this on their own. Very user-friendly.’ – S Durrant, HoD, Examiner and Peer Reviewer

‘This resource appeals because it is something different to the usual workbook whilst still staying loyal to the GCSE specification, this resource finds a way to stretch and challenge pupils linguistic ability through interesting cultural topics. I particularly liked the content of the articles as they cover topics that don’t come up in the textbook. There is a great variety of activities allowing for independent, group, and whole class learning. In a mixed ability class, it can be very difficult to really push your most able pupils.’ – F Lintern, HoD and Peer Reviewer

Your subscription will start with the current issue of Al Ritmo. Subscription includes three issues, one magazine copy of each issue.

Upgrade your subscription to receive an A4 photocopy master, an e-copy and recordings of key articles by native speakers – students can practise their listening skills and improve their pronunciation.

Orders are normally dispatched in 2-5 working days.

Click here for full details and to order.

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