British Values E-learning

British Values E-learning

Teach your students the value of equality and diversity in British society and cover all of Ofsted’s fundamental British values in one comprehensive and engaging e-learning package!

6 lessons:

1. The Development of British Values*

2. Democracy: Having a Voice – Having a Vote!

3. The Rule of Law: Understanding Laws, Their Purpose and Persuasion

4. Individual Liberty

5. Mutual Respect

6. Tolerance of Those of Different Faiths and Beliefs

* Adds context to the Ofsted concepts!


  • CD e-resource
  • 6 full lesson plans
  • A complete paper copy of the e-learning content and interactive activities

Activities are provided on a CD-ROM which can be copied directly onto your school network and runs from a computer or mobile device.

  • 6 lessons of comprehensive information in an engaging format
  • 66 interactive self-marking multiple-choice questions test and consolidate knowledge
  • Interactive match-up activities cement connections between key concepts
  • Every lesson includes a focused lesson plan complete with starters, plenaries and extension/homework tasks
Complete flexibility – choose your own style to fit British values into teaching/tutor time.
Independent e-learning OR Tutor-led sessions
Stand-alone modules – students work through the material at their own pace. Interactive self-marking questions with printable results to demonstrate their understanding. Paper copies of all resources and full lesson plans are provided for a fully paper-based approach – especially useful in the event of computer failure!
⇘ Hybrid approach ⇙
Use e-learning to enrich teaching for individual lessons which slot into tutor schemes.

‘Absolutely brilliant. This is a superb set of lessons which encompasses British Values and really highlights the importance of understanding how British Values permeate throughout their lives. It is well resourced and planned – a fine resource to use in a number of different ways… The lessons are varied and wonderfully engaging – it is an incredibly interesting topic and they clearly lend themselves to thought-provoking study.’ – D Taborda, Deputy Head & Independent Reviewer

Digital resource on CD plus photocopiable A4 pages. Includes site/copy licence. Orders are normally dispatched in 2-5 working days.

Price is £49+VAT
Click here for full details and to order.

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