Stretch and Challenge Writing for GCSE Edexcel French

Stretch and Challenge Writing for GCSE Edexcel French

The fun, fresh approach to differentiation

Reward your fast finishers! Engaging, ready-to-use,
skills-focused packs of independent exercises to enthuse high

  • A wide range of original stimulus material covering different
    types of sources
  • A wealth of fun and engaging tasks, such as games,
    cryptograms, taboo, speed-dating and races – enjoyable extra work
    for G&T students
  • Clearly marked individual, pair and group tasks with each
    topic – flexible resource suitable for individual extension work
    and whole-class use by able groups

Plus! A close focus on exam success:

  • All 2016 GCSE Edexcel Topics covered
  • Additional grammar support deals specifically with the
    trickiest points from the Higher Tier list
  • Clear links to useful exam skills, with a cross-reference
    grid (reading) or useful phrases (speaking) provided at the start
    of the resource

‘Very good resource for more able students.I like the fact that each topic starts with a text as an example of what a good piece of writing should look like.What I particularly like about this resource is the scaffolding type of activities, and very clear and succinct higher level grammatical points explained. the section “How to Write” gets students to think about the structure and important elements of a particular type of writing, how to recognize and write and introduction and a conclusion, the type of language to use. The questions are very relevant and make students think about the writing side of the text, rather than on its comprehension. – Carole Shepherd, French Teacher and Independent Reviewer

Includes photocopiable master with site licence; electronic copies available. Orders are normally dispatched in 2-5 working days.

Price is £64
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