The Think Tank: A Level Politics Magazine – Issue 46

The Think Tank: A Level Politics Magazine - Issue 46

Brexit wins! That’s the message from the European elections. We debate what the earthquake EU result means for the various parties, in both ‘Brexit Corner’ and ‘Third Parties Strike Back’.

June means the end of May so we’ll soon have a new prime minister. Have a look at our ‘runners and riders’ for a rundown of the candidates and how our next prime minister will be selected.

Individuals cannot be trusted, except to look after their own interests. At least that’s the message of (small-c) conservative thinkers. Or is it? Find out in ‘The Flawed Individual’.

Abortion is an issue that crosses the line between the personal and political. But we are not debating moral positions here, instead we look at what the recent debate reveals about federalism in the US and devolution in the UK.

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Unique among politics magazines, The Think Tank is written primarily by practising teachers, and is entirely specification-focused. In it we aim to draw out the exam-relevant issues of events, and make them accessible to students through discussion and exam-style questions.

Every article is commissioned for its relevance to key exam topics. It not only provides topical material for your lessons, but can also be given as extra material for eager students.

It’s also a jolly good read! You can preview the latest issue at

‘Interesting articles… I particularly like this resource because of the relevance of up to date material… The language is accessible for students and the images are interesting.’ – A Earle, Joint Head of History and Politics; Think Tank Subscriber


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