GCSE AQA Paper 3 Pre-release Resource Pack 2019: Rainforest Deforestation

GCSE AQA Paper 3 Pre-release Resource Pack 2019

2019 Topic: Tropical Rainforests and deforestation, and road building in the Peruvian Amazon.

We are once again supporting the GCSE AQA Paper 3 exam with a Pre-Release Resource Pack, to help students to master the specific subject content, geographical skills and fieldwork knowledge required to ace their final GCSE geography exam!

When you think Amazon, you probably think Brazil. But while the structure of the rainforest may be similar in nature, and the equatorial tropics may bring about shared climatic conditions, the development status of Peru, as well as it’s cultural, social and political viewpoints are different. The impact of rainforest development in the Peruvian Amazon brings a new, perhaps unfamiliar, angle to a popular topic that students will love getting to grips with!

The resource contains:

  • A structured breakdown of all of the items in the AIB
  • Activities to help students fully understand the AIB issue
  • Two original Paper 3 Practice Exam Papers with markschemes – perfect for mock exams

Alongside the printed resource we have also included a number of digital components to support revision lessons and add interactive elements for students in the lead-up to the exam:

  • PowerPoint presentations to aid classroom teaching
  • Google Earth ‘Fly-through’ orientation activity
  • Digital MindMap topic overview

“Fantastic resource that I couldn’t put together myself. Highly recommend this and will buy again next year. Ideas are clearly written and instructions for student on pre-release are useful… As a new specification I have not taught pre-release to GCSE students to it helps greatly with knowing the correct kind of level for Q’s… ” – S. Anderson, HoD & Customer

“Loved it! Really helpful. Clear, organised and in good time for the exam… Clear range of activities and 2x test papers. Activities cater for all parts of the pre-release and student friendly… Allows students to understand the material and progress with it – worth the money! Get it!” – N. Roberts, Customer

“Arrived swiftly at the very start of term which was useful… It meant I could focus on teaching the pre-release not preparing for it over Easter!” – L. Tresserras, HoD & Customer

“Takes a lot of pressure off teachers. Great work!” – L. Green, HoD & Independent Reviewer

“An excellent resource with a clear understanding of the resource booklet and exam expectations. It appears accessible to all abilities and has a very wide range of various a engaging tasks. An excellent resource obviously created by a knowledgeable author.” – C. Cottam, HoD & Independent Reviewer

“Very useful resource – good range of activities and material… It provided sample papers and enabled me to save lots of time… Covers all abilities so that it was really valuable from the glossary though to evaluation questions.” – A. Wyatt, HoD & Customer

Includes photocopiable master with site licence; electronic copies available. Orders are normally dispatched in 2-5 working days.

Price is £69
Click here for full details and to order.

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