Set Work Analysis for AS / A Level Eduqas Music: Area of Study A: Mendelssohn

Set Work Analysis for AS / A Level Eduqas Music: Area of Study A: Mendelssohn

Help students build familiarity, develop analytical skills and be perfectly prepared for the appraising paper with co-teachable set work analysis resources for AS and A Level. Busy teachers and students will find the comprehensive, student-friendly notes and tailored exam practice invaluable.


  • Begin with pertinent contextual and biographical information covering the style of each composer along with the social and cultural changes that affected music of the time
  • Move into in-depth, accessible analysis supported by annotated score excerpts and key term definitions, deepening knowledge and understanding
  • Reinforce learning and encourage independent study with regular, varied activities – ranging from short exercises to test understanding, to longer exploratory questions – answers included!

Exam Practice

  • Practice questions for each part of the exam for targeted preparation
  • Marking made simple with detailed mark schemes!


  • Revision summaries, together with advice on timings and mark allocation
  • Essential terminology defined in an exhaustive glossary

AoSA: The Western Classical Tradition (The Development of the Symphony 1750–1900): Mendelssohn Though a Romantic composer by trade, one of Mendelssohn’s major contributions to Music was his skill in encapsulating both the Classical and Romantic styles. Discover how he wasfully inspired by both the works of Bach and the countries he visited with systematic analysis and activities covering his Italian Symphony.

  • Fully co-teachable: A Level-only content separated in the analysis and exam-style questions. The ideal introduction to the world of Mendelssohn and his symphonic writing!

‘The resource is thorough and detailed… It is well laid out, with a logical structure which is easy to navigate… The use of questions requiring reference to the score (i.e. not having musical examples in the text) is good in getting the student to look outside of the resource and think more broadly… The summary sections are also good, in encapsulating each section… The clarity of the resource makes it extremely useful for students. It provides a broad picture, both of the development of the symphony and of this work in particular, and then drills down into greater detail. The exam guidance and questions are good preparation for final assessment… This is an excellent resource.’ – R Birtles, Eduqas Teacher and Independent Reviewer

‘This resource will provide a good opportunity to develop practical and analytical skills for the exam specification. It gives learners a chance to explore the Mendelssohn symphony and also the wider context. Exam-style questions provide invaluable practice and will help to develop exam technique well… A useful glossary is provided at the end of the resource… Resourceful suggested answers provided to activities and practice questions. Good as a starting point and introduction to the world of Mendelssohn and his symphonic writing!’ – C White, Head of Music and Independent Reviewer

Includes photocopiable master with site licence; electronic copies available. Orders are normally dispatched in 2-5 working days.

Price is £54
Click here for full details and to order.


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