A Streetcar Named Desire: Advanced Learner Pack for AS/A Level English Literature

A Streetcar Named Desire: Advanced Learner Pack for AS/A Level English LiteratureA simple reading of Tennessee Williams’ best known play might consider how it relates to Williams’ own life and sexuality. Look deeper and you might see its feminist angles or its modern take on Aristotelian tragedy but even this is only the beginning of our exploration of this masterpiece. With a closer focus on context, you can push your top students to contemplate its pertinent themes such as mental health, class struggle and immigration.

Comprehensive notes, questions and exam-preparation material investigating the influential contexts and themes of A Streetcar Named Desire for a fuller, more sophisticated understanding. Pitched to the 2015 AS and A Level specifications, these packs inspire your strongest students to go the extra mile in their journey towards exam success.

Pushing high achievers…

  • Informative notes encourage students to think independently about the core aspects of the play, including characters, form, genre and themes
  • Packed with questions to promote intelligent discussion – the perfect springboard for higher-level analysis
  • Suggestions for wider reading empower students to foster an individual critical stance towards the play

To reach those top marks!

  • Exam-style questions provide extensive practice for creative, unique responses
  • Higher-level sample answers with examiner commentary help students recognise what makes a good answer
  • Revision and exam tips help students focus answers to gain top marks


  • A carefully constructed historical timeline
  • Sample answers and commentary for every exam board – great for focused, targeted revision!
  • Indicative content for all questions

‘A great resource! It provides useful summaries of several key themes and critical theories… The ‘key questions’ would be particularly useful for discussion with students… I particularly liked the timeline, which I think would be great to help students contextualise the play early on… I also liked the questions in the style of various exam boards, along with exemplar responses, which would be particularly useful for exam preparation.’ – A Spalding, Teacher and Independent Reviewer

Includes photocopiable master with site licence; electronic copies available. Orders are normally dispatched in 2-5 working days.

Price is £54
Click here for full details and to order.


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