AS / A Level Edexcel Practice Exercises for Listening: Instrumental Music

AS / A Level Edexcel Practice Exercises for Listening: Instrumental Music

Take the mystery out of unfamiliar listening!

Essential packs prepare students for Question 5 (Section B) of the exam. Students can’t know what music will come up in the exam, but they can have all of the analytical tools at their disposal!

Each resource contains 10 exercises packed with practice on each of Edexcel’s Areas of Study that gradually build in difficulty:

  1. Start with warm-up exercises to build confidence
  2. Proceed to longer-answer questions to improve technique
  3. Progress naturally to exam-style questions to apply knowledge

As students work through each of the carefully structured tasks they will:

  • revise key terminology
  • listen to music analytically
  • improve their aural skills
  • draw links between works

Easy to set and quick to mark!

Covers Edexcel’s Musical Elements:

  • Melody
  • Harmony
  • Tonality
  • Structure/form
  • Sonority
  • Texture
  • Tempo, metre and rhythm
  • Dynamics and articulation

Area of Study 2: Instrumental Music

Give students crucial practice for this wide-ranging topic with a pack that covers a multitude of instrumental styles, forms and genres by composers from Handel to Poulenc.

Fully co-teachable! ‘AS extension’ and ‘A Level only’ tasks provided to teach late Romantic and programme music!

‘This resource will provide a good opportunity to develop practical skills for the exam specification. It is beneficial because it gives learners a chance to explore a range of different pieces/composers suggested in the syllabus which is essential for the specification and understanding of the wider context. A worthwhile resource to have as a revision tool for learners but also as a teaching aid and starting point within the classroom. Tasks could be used as homework activities as suggested but also as starters or even the main basis of an analysis lesson.’ – C White, Head of Music and Independent Reviewer

Includes photocopiable master with site licence; electronic copies available. Orders are normally dispatched in 2-5 working days.

Price is £44
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