The Think Tank – Issue 37

The Think Tank - Issue 37

Since our last issue, quite a bit has gone on in both UK and US politics. In the UK Theresa May has had successes and failures. Despite the threat of a block by the DUP, she and David Davis took credit for moving the Brexit negotiation on a stage, so trade talks can finally be agreed. Back in London, however, May has lost three cabinet colleagues since our last issue, thanks in part to a variety of scandals. May’s cabinet does not look ‘Strong and Stable’ at the moment! In the US, Donald Trump has had successes and failures too. On the bright side for him, his controversial tax bill has been passed by both Senate and House Republicans, the first major bill Trump has been able to pass since the dramatic failure of the healthcare bill earlier in the year. On the downside, though, his approval rating is slowly sliding, and Republicans have lost seats in special elections across the country. This augurs badly for the midterm elections, and if Democrats win the house and Senate in 2018, Trump could find it even harder to pass his legislation!

Unique among politics magazines, The Think Tank is written primarily by practising teachers, and is entirely specification-focused. In it we aim to draw out the exam-relevant issues of events, and make them accessible to students through discussion and exam-style questions.

Every article is commissioned for its relevance to key exam topics. It not only provides topical material for your lessons, but can also be given as extra material for eager students.

It’s also a jolly good read! You can preview the latest issue at /ThinkTank.

‘An excellent resource for the students. Topic coverage is very good with well-aimed articles, engagingly written and shorter, lighter pieces too… It is aimed squarely at A-Level students and is written and presented in an accessible manner that doesn’t sacrifice the necessary depth… It is contemporary and easily circulated. I am pleased at the decent coverage given to A2 ideologies alongside USA. Unlike some magazines, I think we are able to use all of this one… It does the updating that we do often dont have time to do and it’s good at prompting relevant discussions in class.’ – G Marshall, Head of Politics and Think Tank Subscriber

1-Year Subscription (6 issues):

  • Basic Subscription: magazine (photocopiable) + site licence – £60 (zzme/4368)
  • School Pack: magazine + A4 photocopy master + site licence + e-copies (PDF) – £80+VAT (zzme/4451)
  • Additional copies – £15+VAT (zzme/4452)

Price is from £60 per year
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