GCSE AQA Geography Teaching Pack: Urban Issues and Challenges

GCSE AQA Geography Teaching Pack: Urban Issues and Challenges

Full schemes of work, lesson plans and activities designed specifically for the 2016 AQA GCSE specification.

So much more than a text book or work sheets. An entire scheme of work with relevant lesson plans and structured work sheets to enable you to deliver high quality and innovative teaching and learning.

  • Structured coverage of all the specification key ideas – Contains every point your students need to know
  • Includes starters, mains, plenaries and extension with answers provided – Your whole lesson from start to finish. Answers are ideal for self- or peer-assessment
  • Accessible worksheets with innovative activities to tackle each topic – Perfect for learners of all abilities

Based on best practice and theoretical pedagogy these resources have been created to:

  • Minimise your time spent planning how to deliver specification content
  • Make your marking meaningful to students
  • Enable you to track student progress
  • Give you time to focus on the needs of your specific students and their learning

Original and engaging schemes, written by teachers to match the learning objectives. Each resource covers a particular section of the specification.

Simplify your planning, preparation and marking and cultivate pupils’ love for Geography!

Living with the Physical Environment

Section A: The Challenge of
Natural Hazards
Coming soon!
Section B: The Living
Coming soon!
Section C: Physical Landscapes of the UK This resource is structured slightly differently to other resources in the range and also includes homework activities. To order click here.

Challenges in the Human Environment

Section A: Urban Issues and
16 Lessons
Section B: The Changing Economic
Coming soon!
Section C: The Challenge of
Resource Management
Coming soon!

Written to support a two-year GCSE teaching programme with two taught hours per week. The balance of lessons per topic is divided across the specification according to the examination weighting – provides full spec coverage over the minimum assumed contact time.

“I am really impressed that it is tailored so clearly to the specification. It has the key ideas – the lesson objective and title. It’s really well organised and would save a department a lot of hard work. I am seriously impressed with the amount of work and care that has gone into providing such a detailed, easy to use comprehensive resource!”  K. Williams, Teacher & Independent Reviewer

Price is £109 — Includes photocopiable master with site licence; electronic copies available. Orders are normally dispatched in 2-5 working days.
Click here for full details and to order.


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