AS Level Exam Preparation: Option 1G: Germany and West Germany, 1918–89

Edexcel History: Exam Preparation: Option 1G: Germany and West Germany, 1918–89

Perfect your students’ exam technique for the 2017 exams and
beyond. A wide variety of differentiated exam practice
activities, model answers and three practice papers, all in one

Each pack is unique for AS and A Level!

  • Original practice papers for both AS and A level,
    providing mocks for both years.
  • Differentiated activities in each pack.
    • The AS pack develops core source skills and basic
      essay structure.
    • The A Level pack introduces more complex skills such
      as comparison and advanced essay writing.
    • Exam advice tailored to students’ precise level.

Build confidence in key exam skills …

  • Clear and concise guidance on command words and exam
    technique, and breakdown of the mark scheme – all in
    student-friendly language.
  • Progressive activities tailored for both source and essay
    questions – help build confidence and practice skills with
    planning grids, debates and more!
  • Differentiated activities for those with low, medium or high
    skills – accessible for any student, no matter what their
    expected grade.
  • Sample answers with examiner commentary so that students can
    mark and improve – peer activities that focus students on how to
    get top marks.

… then put them to the test!

  • Three practice papers covering every aspect of each option –
    original questions not available from Edexcel.
  • Student-friendly mark schemes and detailed indicative content
    – easy marking and quick feedback so students know where to

Price is £89 — Includes photocopiable master with site licence; electronic copies available. Orders are normally dispatched in 2-5 working days.
Click here for full details and to order.


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