Active Revision Worksheets for OCR A Level PE: A Level (Year 2)

Active Revision Worksheets for OCR A Level PE: A Level (Year 2)

Maximise motivation, develop flexible thinking and prepare for the exam with these thought-provoking and challenging Active Revision Worksheets for the A Level OCR PE specifications.

12–21 flexible worksheets cover every topic and each is structured using three progressive levels, closely aligned to the Assessment Objectives…

Great for use as:

  • A comprehensive revision workbook
  • Homework sheets
  • Class exercises
  • Independent practice!
  • Section A – Facilitates students to demonstrate knowledge and understanding (AO1)
  • Section B – Supports students to apply understanding to sporting situations (AO2)
  • Section C – Challenges students to analyse and evaluate factors in PE and Sport (AO3)

… allowing students to tailor their revision for each topic area!

Each section also begins with…

  • A knowledge checklist – with three levels to track progress (Bronze, Silver and Gold) – perfect for self-assessment and ensuring students are confident going into the exam!

… and finishes with…

  • Exam-style Questions – drawing students’ focus back to exam preparation

Students learn to: organise, interpret, link, draw, calculate, categorise, argue, diagnose, explain, analyse, and more.

Price is £74 — Includes photocopiable master with site licence; electronic copies available. Orders are normally dispatched in 2-5 working days.
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