GCSE Geography Case Studies with Exam Prep for AQA, OCR B and Edexcel B – Weather Hazards

GCSE Geography Case Studies with Exam Prep

Case Study resource packs – written specifically for the new AQA, OCR B and Edexcel B GCSE Geography specifications.

For each topic, ALL of the Case Studies and Located Examples required by the spec are covered.

We’ve carefully selected a range of located examples which not only span the globe but also focus on countries with contrasting levels of development. As well as understanding the physical factors at play within each case study, these resources allow you to teach all of the human concepts by comparing locations at either end of the development spectrum.

Teach your students to gain a deep understanding of the physical world around them through study of specific events, and learn about the interactions between people and place, and the differing effects that gloabl events will have on developing and developed populations.

  • Every required specification Case Study and Located Example Covered
  • Fact files of all the key information relating to the event
  • Thought-prokoving picture springboards to promote class discussion
  • Summary tables – perfect for revision

Also included to motivate students and help track progress…

  • ICT Interactive content, with suggested videos, websites, news articles and more…
  • Consolidation activities for each case study
  • Differentiated questions (with suggested answers) to test knowledge and recall of the facts and figures

Our Natural World Price is £69 (£49 for Edexcel B) — Includes photocopiable master with site licence; electronic copies available. Orders are normally dispatched in 2-5 working days.
Click here for full details and to order.

Topic 1: Global Hazards – Weather
Flash flooding, Morpeth, UK, 2008; Flash
Flooding, Texas, 2015;

Hurricane Sandy, USA, 2012; Tropical Storm Chedza,
Madagascar, 2015;

Heatwave, UK, 2015; Heatwave, Pakistan, 2015;

Drought, UK, 2004-06; Drought, Brazil, 2015


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