The Sign of Four Exam Preparation Pack for AQA GCSE English Literature

The Sign of Four Exam Preparation Pack for AQA GCSE English Literature


Exam Preparation Packs for GCSE AQA English Literature

Absolutely fantastic… Will save hours and hours of work [for]
teachers teaching this new spec. P Town, English Teacher
& Independent Reviewer (A Christmas Carol version)

Apply set-text teaching to the exam with these focused
companions, specifically tailored to the exam board.

Three structured steps to build success:

  1. Revision
    • At-a-glance topical summaries cover key points in an
      easy-to-digest format
    • Revision activities consolidate knowledge through
      quizzes, mind mapping, quotation analysis, close reading and
  2. Exam Preparation
    • Essay-focused exercises build planning and writing skills
      and improve exam technique
  3. Exam Practice
    • Plenty of original exam-style questions give practice in
      all areas – great for mock exams
    • Worked-through example takes students through planning,
      drafting and completing an essay in manageable steps
    • Sample essays with annotated versions and activities
      demonstrate how to improve grades

Includes annotated sample essays!

Plus! Student-friendly self- or peer-mark scheme
and suggested answers for all activities. Tasks can be set in
class or for homework to enhance your revision schedule.


‘A very effective guide through the main points of the text. Provides clear and comprehensive features relevant to the exam board. I particularly liked the revision grid which outlines narrative devices and context. The exam questions and indicative content will be invaluable as there is little in the way of exemplar exam papers being released from the exam board at this time. I would definitely purchase this resource for my department.’ – J Harrison, Curriculum Leader of English and Independent Reviewer

Price is £49 — Includes photocopiable master with site licence; electronic copies available. Orders are normally dispatched in 2-5 working days.
Click here for full details and to order.


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