AQA AS and A Level Textual Analysis Packs

AQA AS and A Level Textual Analysis PacksBoost students’ confidence in analysing unseen texts of all types with rich and comprehensive packs of notes, extracts, activities and exam-style questions. Get students comfortable with unseen extracts and thinking about audiences, purposes, genres and themes!
Fully co-teachable!

  • Separate exam-style questions for AS and A Level (including language change and language varieties)
  • ‘A Level Only sections’ for analysis of older texts

Packed with content!

For each text type:

  • Helpful introductions covering all of the need-to-know language theory and terminology
  • Engaging exemplars clearly linked to the AQA themes of language diversity
    • Plus! Annotated versions – supports weaker learners and reduces marking time!
  • Focused activities for developing key analytical skills
    • Builds up to AQA-style questions for Paper 1 and Paper 2 to apply learning and improve exam technique

Bring it all together!

  • Comparison section with activities, bonus texts and exam-style questions for practice hitting AO4
  • Detailed glossary of key terms and theories – great for revision
  • Indicative content for all questions and activities plus full student-friendly AO mark schemes – ideal time-saver for self-assessment!

Complements our Comprehensive Course Companion range perfectly!

‘An excellent resource! I really enjoyed reading through this; it was very user friendly and clear throughout with well placed and relevant activities. I could see it being used in a variety of ways by Language teachers… I particularly like the range of and variety of texts and the clear, articulate explanations and introductions to text types. There are clear references to the AOs and it covers the AQA requirement to explore a range of texts both from different periods of time and for different purposes. It also identifies the key themes required of the AQA specification and indicates when discussion could be developed further.’ – E Stephenson, A Level AQA Examiner and Independent Reviewer

‘This is a really good resource which provides a really useful teaching and revision tool. The content is varied and meets the requirements of the specification and provides scope for students to develop their thinking and research beyond the specification if they want… The inclusion of annotated texts and suggested answers is always really helpful – both for teachers and students! he focus on spoken texts is nice as text books often contain just a single example. The inclusion of a glossary and the theories meets the demands of the specification well.’ – R Shakeshaft, Head of English and Independent Reviewer

Price is £69 each — Includes photocopiable master with site licence; electronic copies available. Orders are normally dispatched in 2-5 working days.
Click here for full details and to order.


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