Differentiated Homeworks for GCSE AQA French, Spanish and German

Differentiated Homeworks for GCSE AQA French

Facilitate independent learning with these comprehensive, ready-to-use homeworks for GCSE AQA French, Spanish and German (coming soon)! Differentiated, stand-alone worksheets cover every topic in the 2016 specifications and provide carefully structured support to reinforce learning:

  • Three levels of differentiation – set homework appropriate to the needs of each student!
  • Each worksheet builds upon a wide range of skills, from vocabulary and reading to grammar and writing
    • Plus! Translation into both English and target-language
  • Full answers provided for easy self-, peer- or teacher marking
  • Consolidate and build upon knowledge and skills already learned – no additional teacher input required!
  • ‘Mix and match’ as homeworks, cover lessons, end of topic revision or classroom-based learning tasks – ultimate flexibility
  • Meet the demands of the 2016 AQA specification and give students all the necessary tools to succeed in their exams

‘This is an excellent resource which will enhance pupils independent learning when set as homework as well as save many teachers hours of preparation time!’ – S Peterson, Head of Spanish and Independent Reviewer

‘I think this is an excellent and well thought through resource for the new GCSE Specification. All the topics are covered in sufficient depth and allow students of all abilities to develop their skills. The questions are structured to model ideal answers leading from surface knowledge (vocabulary exercises) leading to deeper levels of understanding by means of written composition and translation. The exercises follow a logical sequence, and I particularly admire the use of writing frames for foundation students to support their writing skills.’ – N Booth, Head of MFL and Indepent Reviewer

‘I like it as it is thorough in reinforcing vocabulary, reading and writing. I liked the fact that the same text has been adapted for both foundation and higher students. I also like the fact that the vocabulary needed for the translations is part of the reading activity and so by seeing it numerous times hopefully it helps to reinforce it.’

‘An excellent source of high level materials geared towards the new GCSE specification with new exercises such as the translations from and into English.This gives well needed practice for all students no matter what their level. I quite like the fact that the topics of some of the reading texts are quite current and might be of interest to the students, such as the text on the Barcelona football player Piqué and his wife Shakira from Colombia: it will appeal both to boys and girls. The same topic is then followed up in the next exercises, such as the ones in page 8 which it gives a sense of continuity and it can be engaging and motivating.’ – J I Ermina, Spanish Teacher and Examiner and Independent Reviewer

I think that the resource is very comprehensive yet concise as it includes the key vocabulary for the main topics for the AQA exam. I liked the references to pop culture and placing the vocabulary in relevant real world examples. I think that the resource is modern and will appeal to young people. I liked the obvious difference in the differentiated works, there was a clear jump with regards to the inclusion of more vocabulary and more tenses to mark a higher work and a foundation work’. – Y Safder, Spanish Teacher and Independent Reviewer

Price includes photocopiable master with site licence; electronic copies available. Orders are normally dispatched in 2-5 working days.
Click here for full details and to order.


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