German: Literary Texts Practice for GCSE Edexcel Reading

German: Literary Texts Practice for GCSE Edexcel Reading

Tackle the challenging literary text aspect of the new specs with our bespoke pack based on 20 carefully chosen literary extracts. Engaging comprehension activities with varying levels of support build students’ skills and confidence.

For each tier, there are: ❶ 2 introductory texts with full work-throughs and a step-by-step guide to approaching literary texts ❷ 3 supported texts to build and develop students’ reading skills ❸ 5 exam-practice texts, each followed by a task based on Edexcel Paper 3.

  • Built-in differentiation – text length, grammar and exam questions are fully matched to Edexcel Sample Assessment Material for Foundation and Higher reading papers
  • A wide range of genres, literary periods and authors prepares students for the exam
  • Background information on the authors and their works – awaken students’ interest in the fascinating world of literature
  • Comprehensive answers to all tasks for easy self, peer and teacher marking and full translations of all extracts – challenge the brightest by setting them a passage to translate!
  • Extension writing tasks – use the texts as a springboard for creative-writing practice

‘Overall I think that this is an excellent resource for supporting both students and teachers with this new aspect of the GCSE. It covers a range of literary styles and includes various potential exam question styles. The resource is not only a set of practice questions but guides students well in the development of their general reading skills.’ – S Joynes, Teacher and Independent Reviewer

‘This is a great resource with some excellent texts and exercises. I will most definitely be using this resource in September 2016! I particularly like the variety of exercises and the little support boxes. They guide students through tackling literary texts and provide useful tips on how to work around passages where unfamiliar words might occur.’ – F Reichmann, German Teacher and Independent Reviewer

Price is £69 — Includes photocopiable master with site licence; electronic copies available. Orders are normally dispatched in 2-5 working days.
Click here for full details and to order.


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