Theme Tracker: Love in Jane Eyre for AS and A Level AQA A

Theme Tracker: Love in Jane Eyre for AS and A Level AQA A

Complement your set-text teaching with these innovative theme-focused resources. Notes, quotes and activities help students analyse their studied novel through the key specification topic of Love Through the Ages.

  1. Set the scene with introductory notes for both theme and text
  2. Concentrate attention on relevant features with focused, student-friendly analysis
    • Explore characters, language, form, structure, setting, themes and critical reception
    • Quotation analysis pinpoints key ideas
    • Literary terms defined in context and in a comprehensive glossary
  3. Build analytical skills and consolidate thematic application with varied, creative activities – suggested answers included!
  4. Practise close reading with thematically important annotated extracts and accompanying activities

Presented as an A5 booklet for easy use – a perfect co-teachable companion for study and revision.

‘It is very helpful to see a resource that focuses on the single issue upon which students will be examined. This definitely guides [students] towards an excellent understanding of different ideas of love in JE and also gives them the mechanisms by which to form points of comparison. This resource is erudite and academically stimulating as well as providing some excellent activities for students to do independent learning. The authorial comments are at all times stimulating and thought provoking whilst the student oriented activities are very diverse with a strong balance between exam practice and other types of activities. I also liked the fact that the resource provides activities which show an awareness of the AO4 requirement to compare texts. The context guide to the text was excellent with lots of detail. In addition I thought that it was very helpful to have the section on the history of love. The exploration of marriage and social taboos is excellent context. The range of critics quoted from is really helpful for this particular course with the emphasis on different interpretations AO5. It is useful that these are organised chronologically and that there are references to feminist and psychoanalytical criticism. Finally the key terms glossary also provides an excellent resource for students and will be most helpful for the AO1 literary language requirement.’ – C Webb, English Teacher and Independent Reviewer

‘I’m positive it would enhance my teaching of this text. It would ease my preparation and, more importantly, be really helpful to my students.’ – N Worgan, Teacher and Independent Reviewer

‘A useful support for students as they prepare for the exam… language, form AND structure are all addressed, giving students ways into the text at all three levels… close analyses of key extracts to show how detailed exam responses need to be.’ –S Owen, Teacher & Independent Reviewer

Price is £49 — Includes photocopiable master with site licence; electronic copies available. Orders are normally dispatched in 2-5 working days.
Click here for full details and to order.


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