English: Writing for Different Purposes and Audiences: KS3 Project Packs

English: Writing for Different Purposes and Audiences: KS3 Project Packs

Lively, student-friendly project packs with over 10 worksheets and handouts to use in class or as homework. Guide your class through an engaging scenario as they work towards creating their own meaningful independent writing.

Assuming roles from astronaut to secret service official, students gain valuable experience in writing for a range of purposes and audiences across fiction and non-fiction. With a clear focus on the new 2014 National Curriculum, your class will be completely prepared for the writing demands of GCSE English.

Interlinking activities with a continuous theme

  • Appealing, relevant tasks based on modern media to captivate students
  • Ideal blend of independent, pair and group work
  • Heaps of extension tasks to challenge your high-fliers

Student support throughout

  • Confidence-building preparation questions to aid the all-important planning process
  • Activities to support every learner type – mind maps, presentations, role plays…
  • Packed with checklists to keep students on track – great for AFL and quick marking
  • Structured with example texts and sample activity answers for inspiration
  • Plus handy tips and essential guidance on SPaG

Scaling the Heights – Mountaineering (for Year 7)

Six varied units of work, each with five progressive activities, guide students through a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Mount Everest. Creative writing, reading and spoken language exercises include interviewing Edmund Hillary and creating a holiday brochure for a trip to Nepal. The highly structured tasks, incorporating planning and self-assessment, allow all pupils to achieve their potential.

“Very detailed with some excellent ideas include. For example, I particularly like the way in which the radio script, news article etc are annotated, as good style models are hard to find.” – C McDonough, Teacher and Independent Reviewer

“This is very thorough. Though it is presented as a Writing resource, it also covers a range of Reading tasks, making it doubly useful. Add in the fact that there are also plenty of opportunities for Oracy, and you have a winning resource. It’s closely focused on the NC and new GCSE specs – terrific.” – S Owen, Head of Department and Independent Reviewer

Price is From £34 — Includes photocopiable master with site licence; electronic copies available. Orders are normally dispatched in 2-5 working days.
Click here for full details and to order.


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