Preparing Key Stage 3 students for GCSE PE

With the new GCSE specifications seemingly more dense with technical information than before, many teachers are considering the importance of familiarising their Key Stage 3 students and introducing knowledge in advance of Year 10. However, should we really be considering taking the PHYSICAL out of Physical Education at KS3, just so they can achieve the grades at GCSE?

The Department for Education’s programme of study for KS3 PE suggests that we offer a high-quality Physical Education curriculum that inspires all pupils to succeed and excel in competitive sport and physically demanding activities, and provide opportunities for pupils to become physically confident in a way that supports their health and fitness. If we are to achieve this then we need to keep PE active, especially as, for some students, this may be the only exercise they get!

Faced with increasing pressures to keep PE active, but also to achieve academic results, leaves many teachers questioning how they should be delivering PE at Key Stage 3. Whilst the answer is not simple, it is important to keep PE enjoyable for students at this young age. We do not want to devalue the time spent on learning practical skills, and we must provide the opportunities to develop confidence and interest in the subject before bombarding them with theoretical content.

Teachers should be confident in delivering a flexible curriculum in schools and develop life-long learners that understand the matters, skills and processes needed for success in PE and sport. The theory content of the GCSEs lends itself to be taught in a practical setting and with carefully structured lessons and resources, it can be introduced to Key Stage 3 pupils with success.

Here at ZigZag, we understand the difficulties and pressures you face as teachers and we are keen to keep the PHYSICAL whilst developing the EDUCATION when it comes to KS3 PE. That’s why we are continuing to develop a range of teaching resources to support your delivery of the KS3 PE National Curriculum, from Skills and Tactics Cards that get students analysing their performance to Sport Education Guides that develop students’ understanding of the roles beyond the performer. And if you really want to provide your students with the theoretical knowledge for the transition into GCSE PE, then get them exploring it for themselves at home, with our differentiated homeworks!

For more information regarding our Key Stage 3 PE teaching resources click here


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