A Level French: Controversial Debate Topics

Controversial Debate Topics for A Level French

Introduce your students to 20 of the most controversial and divisive issues facing French society today. For use with current and 2016 specs, this comprehensive pack of self-contained worksheets provides essential vocabulary, key facts and up-to-date information while encouraging in-depth analysis. Students will learn to effectively argue any standpoint – perfect for building exam skills!

  • Broad topic coverage gives students the all-round knowledge and tools needed to discuss a variety of issues including those likely to come up in exams!
  • Reading, writing, listening, speaking and translation activities provide continued language practice while enhancing understanding of French culture, issues and attitudes.
  • Plus! Links to audiovisual material provide access to authentic sources and support a variety of language styles.

Whether in class or at home, these versatile worksheets will be useful at any point in both the current and new A Level courses.

Topics include: La peine de mort ; Tout dire ; L’euthanasie ; La manipulation génétique ; La dépénalisation du cannabis ; Le clonage ; L’expérimentation sur les animaux ; Les OGM ; Les réseaux sociaux ; L’adoption homoparentale ; Le nucléaire ; Les énergies renouvelables ; La laïcité ; L’immigration ; L’Union européenne ; Les allocations ; Santé et enseignement gratuits ; La sécurité ; L’aide internationale ; Les partis extrêmes

‘This is a fabulous resource and I cannot wait to use some of it with my A level students! Absolutely “spot on” for the A level syllabus as it brings culture and contemporary issues into the classroom . It was a pleasure to read as the language is excellent and every topic has already been thoroughly analysed and researched.’ – F Ashbourne, French Teacher and Independent Reviewer

Price is £89 — Includes photocopiable master with site licence; electronic copies available. Orders are normally dispatched in 2-5 working days.
Click here for full details and to order.


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