LATIN: Student Guide to Latin OCR GCSE Unit A404: Verse: Section B Set Texts 2017

Student Guide to Latin OCR GCSE Unit A404: Verse: Section B Set Texts 2017

An excellent set of translations and textual analysis of the Prose (Unit A403) and Verse (Unit A404) set texts for examination in up to June 2017. Each text is broken down into manageable chunks, translated into English and accompanied by meaningful notes on style, grammar and literary effects. Additionally, for each text: a brief biography of the author, cast list showing key relationships and ideas for further study.

  • The perfect balance between literal, easy-to-follow translations and an eloquent rendering of the original text
  • Overview and biographical notes put the work in context
  • Detailed notes focus on key literary devices
  • Key technical vocab highlighted – glossaries included
  • Practice Exam Questions with mark schemes – fully prepare your students for the exams!

“An excellent, comprehensive, easy to follow resource; it provides an accurate translation and clear notes at an appropriate level, covering all the necessary information required by students at GCSE, supported by a useful vocabulary and invaluable examination style questions… The explanation of metre is covered in a straightforward step-by-step manner that should be accessible to all students and links in well with the metrical notes in the commentary… The ‘Story so far’ section is just what is needed to set the selection in context… I particularly like the ‘Activities’ for each section, as these encourage students to look at the passages and story as a whole, rather than as complicated sentences for translation, and to think about characterisation… It provides a manageable means to allow pupils to get to grips with a complex text without feeling totally overwhelmed, and to understand the many threads involved in Latin poetry… an excellent balance between grammatical accuracy (to ensure that it is sufficiently clear enough to follow) and coherent prose (to follow the thread of the story)… The text-applicable vocabulary helps students to focus on the passage rather than whether they have the correct meaning of individual words. The style and context comments give students an idea of the kind of things that should be considered when analysing such poetry. In short, the resource provides all the tools necessary for pupils to be well-prepared for this exam paper… This resource matches and interprets this specification brilliantly, with an accurate text adjusted to the format used by the exam board, sound translation and clear, well-explained consideration of Virgil’s literary style. There are very few points that would be beyond the understanding of the average GCSE student.” – K Morris, Teacher of Latin & Classical Civilisation, Independent Reviewer

Price is £59 — Includes photocopiable master with site licence; electronic copies available. Orders are normally dispatched in 2-5 working days.
Click here for full details and to order.


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