Hamlet: Context, Themes and Questions for AS/A Level (first teaching 2015)

Hamlet: Context, Themes and Questions for AS/A Level (first teaching 2015)

Comprehensive notes, questions and exam-prep material. This pack investigates the key social, historical and theatrical contexts for a fuller, more sophisticated understanding of Hamlet. Updated with the 2015 A Level specifications in mind, this informative guide inspires students to go the extra mile in their journey towards exam success.

Expert contextual insight

Hamlet in its time

  • Explores the influential contexts of the play in depth including the religious setting, Renaissance ideas, Early Modern English society and other popular tragedies
  • Includes a carefully constructed historical timeline
Structured to promote discussion and deepen student understanding of core aspects of the play including characters, style, genre and theme.

Exam focus (New)

  • Original exam-style questions – great practice for the real thing!
  • Exam tips and sample essay answers with commentary – students know what to aim for and how much context to include in exams
  • Perfectly pitched to 2015 specs! – OCR, AQA, Edexcel and Eduqas

PLUS a critical bibliography with helpful quotations for essay answers!

‘The author is evidently an expert on the play, and shows his/her love for the text clearly. I like the fact that the author is writing for students, giving them very important advice about working from the text outwards and giving very clear advice about how to tackle questions in the exam. The tips are useful for all students and all exam boards. The generic questions at the end would provide opportunities to discuss key ideas and to practise exam writing skills – they’re very useful.’ – S Owen, English Teacher and Independent Reviewer

Price is £39 — Includes photocopiable master with site licence; electronic copies available. Orders are normally dispatched in 2-5 working days.
Click here for full details and to order.


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