Differentiated Topical Articles for GCSE French

Differentiated Topical Articles for GCSE French

Supporting 2016 specifications – ready to use now!

Engage and enthuse your GCSE students with this pack of 15 original and up-to-date articles based around a range of contemporary issues. Fully differentiated for Foundation, Medium and Higher levels and accompanied by structured language activities, these texts will appeal to learners of all abilities and make target-language culture come alive!

Articles include: Les bons plans à paris ; Restauration rapide saine; Drame au Dropped; Teddy Riner; Fête de la musique; Embouteillage; Médecines sans frontières ; Concours Eurovision de la chanson; Le recyclage chez les grandes marques; Sans domicile fixe en France; Un stage à l’étranger; La pression du baccalauréat; J’adore mon job; Mission humanitaire; C’est la rentrée

  • Topical issues and modern-day themes make texts relevant and relatable
  • All articles are linked to topics from 2016 GCSE specifications – the perfect supplement to the course! Ready to buy and use now, this is the perfect resource to bridge the gap between the specs!
  • Three tiers of differentiation – 6 Foundation, 3 Medium and 6 Higher articles – to use at all stages of GCSE course and with all abilities.
  • Each text accompanied by vocabulary, comprehension, grammar, translation and writing exercises. Plus! Extension activities for those who work quickly.
  • Full answers provided for easy marking and teacher-, peer- or self-assessment marking

‘Developing effective reading skills is incredibly important at GCSE and this seems to be overlooked by major textbooks who seem to focus more on speaking and writing tasks. I think the difficulty level of the resource is pretty spot on. I liked the variety in terms of comprehension tasks for each text. Including translation tasks is essential for the new GCSE specs and these were done well. The topics covered were both relevant and interesting.’– I Coleman, French Teacher and Examiner and Independent Reviewer

Price is £59 — Includes photocopiable master with site licence; electronic copies available. Orders are normally dispatched in 2-5 working days.
Click here for full details and to order.


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