Computing: OCR Computing Unit A453 Student Guide

OCR Computing Unit A453 Student Guide

Accessible, well-structured notes guide students through the programming project for OCR Unit A453.

Includes separate sections for each area of marking criteria (Design, Development, Programming, Testing and Evaluation), describing what is required to reach top marks in each. Students read the guidance for each section before applying it in their own work.

For each section:

  • Marking criteria is broken down and explained in student-friendly language, illustrated with examples based on an original scenario
  • ‘Deliverables’ lists remind students of the evidence they need to provide
  • Self-assessment checklists help students identify where they can improve

“An excellent resource for the A453 Component of the OCR Computing qualification. The resource is well designed and covers all the major points students need to consider and cover in order to achieve a high mark in their assessment. It is very interesting how it shows for each of the different parts how the students can get to the higher band. Moreover, it includes the relevant pictures to illustrate the topic in hand and show the pupils the best way of achieving the qualification.” – H Gonzalez, Head of Computing, independent reviewer

“A very valuable to students and teachers studying the OCR specification and helps a range of students to learn topics quickly and easily. I also think that many schools would buy and use this resource in their lessons.The resource matches the OCR specification very well and refers to it throughout. Its layout makes it very easy for staff and students to check their progress and review their learning. It also constantly explains how a student can reach the higher bands.”

“It is clear that careful planning and excellent thought went into the creation of this resource… [it is] systematically organised and carefully presented in a meaningful and methodical manner so that users locate contents easily. It is also simple and understandable to comprehend…The presentation and layout is concise and clear. Language used is simple and comprehensible” – P Ramnarain, Head of Computing, independent reviewer

Price is £49 — Includes photocopiable master with site licence; electronic copies available. Orders are normally dispatched in 2-5 working days.
Click here for full details and to order.


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