Music: Edexcel GCSE Student Guide to Composition – Music in the Twentieth Century

Edexcel GCSE Student Guide to Composition: Music in the Twentieth Century

A detailed, wide-ranging guide for students composing or arranging within the Music in the 20th Century Area of Study. Introduces key composers and defining features of Impressionism, Serialism, Minimalism and Musicals, and offers a wealth of ideas for composing in each genre.

  • Explains unfamiliar concepts and techniques – and gives advice on applying theoretical knowledge, with prompts and practice exercises
  • A variety of inspirational examples, with accompanying audio on CD to enhance understanding
  • Links to the assessment criteria and set works throughout

Tailored to the Edexcel specification, including clear guidance on scoring, submission and assessment, but also useful for anyone composing in a 20th century style.

Make this challenging and exciting Area of Study accessible, to ensure your students approach their GCSE composition with confidence.

Topics include: • Transforming and developing melodies • Whole-tone scales and modes • Creating your own 12-tone row • Composing using hexachords • Phase shifting • Setting words to music + much more!

“This is a very valuable resource for both the student and teacher. It provides extremely clear expectations of the course requirements for the composition task, with useful listening examples and tasks for students to undertake. There is reference to set work composers which is useful for students… I particularly like the fact that this resource contains very detailed descriptions of the requirements for the composition task. I found the inclusion of audio examples to be useful for students and would allow them to personalise their learning and choose the path most suited to them. This resource could be followed in a step-by-step approach where every student studies each area briefly to gain experience of each style before choosing which to compose in. Or students could just follow the area most relevant to them.” – L Field, Music Teacher and Independent Reviewer

Price is £69 — Includes photocopiable master with site licence; electronic copies available. Orders are normally dispatched in 2-5 working days.
Click here for full details and to order.


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