Drama: KS3 Starters and Plenaries

KS3 Drama Starters and Plenaries

32 sets of complementary starters and plenaries designed to suit any KS3 Drama lesson objective.
Activities cover physical, vocal, improvisation, characterisation and script work skills in an engaging and structured way. Suitable worksheets have also been provided where appropriate. Spend your valuable time planning your main lesson with the assurance that this resource will support your classroom needs.

  • Cover set skills your students need for KS3 Drama
  • Match the activities with pre-planned lessons using given topics, making choosing an appropriate set even easier

“Very useful as a quick, ‘to –hand’ booklet that I could pick up and use with students in the drama studio, even with Key Stg 4 in places. I like the way that it covers vocal, physical warm ups so simply. It is so easy to comprehend and when time is short, it has lots of the tried and trusted warm-ups. It would help me in providing an introduction to specific teaching material I might need for a particular theme or topic eg; scriptwriting radio plays etc. It’s really handy and easy to use. All skills are covered and help to get a class ready for the main thrust of the objectives.I am teaching Arts Award, Bronze and this is ideal for those with little experience [students and staff non specialists] A great resource.” – J Catmull, Drama Teacher

“A superb resource that provides original and creative ideas that pupils will enjoy, and is successful is developing and enhancing learning. The activities can easily be linked to various Dramatic genres and they all cover key Drama skills that are crucial to developing KS3 pupils’ techniques. The instructions provided are easy to follow and can be adapted if necessary by the teacher to fit in with schemes of work. The Shakespeare activities are particularly strong as they are creative and engaging. KS3 pupils often struggle to access Shakespeare and struggle to find pleasure in studying his works, and I believe that the resource overcomes this barrier successfully. I would definitely recommend this resource to KS3 Drama teachers.” – J Wells, Head of Drama

Price is £69 — Includes photocopiable master with site licence; electronic copies available. Orders are normally dispatched in 2-5 working days.
Click here for full details and to order.


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