Heroes GCSE Activity Pack for English

Build students’ confidence and knowledge for their assessment.

Engaging worksheets and tasks for the whole novel; fully-differentiated and cross-referenced to the new GCSE AOs for Literature, Language and English.

* Pre-reading tasks introduce students to vital contexts of the text, including the American involvement in WWII.
* Comprehension questions ensure student knowledge of the text supporting the PEE technique throughout
* Creative tasks engage students with key features of the text

Essential writing guidance:
* Using PEE
* Planning
* Writing an introduction
* Writing a conclusion

Essential assessment materials:
* Sample Foundation and Higher questions for WJEC Literature and Edexcel: Literature, English and Language
* Sample B and D grade answers for WJEC and Edexcel Literature with commentary
* WJEC Language Controlled Assessment guidance

“On the whole I thought the resource was very good. It will be particularly useful for students, and teachers new to the text. The whole text questions are excellent, especially the questions for the different exam boards. Other materials are available for this text, but they do not match this resource for detail or scope.” J Coe, English Teacher, Independent Reviewer

Cost is £54 for a site copy licence including photocopy master; orders normally processed in two working days). You can preview every page here.


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