Elodie’s Diary – Listening Activities for GCSE French

Uniquely interesting for students whilst providing perfect exam preparation!

Spark your students’ interest with this real-life diary following Elodie’s 3-month placement in England. Prepare them for the exam and improve their listening skills with 97 audio tracks and accompanying exam-style exercises.

“C’était une expérience inoubliable pour moi… On peut dire que j’en tire beaucoup de positif.” – Elodie

* 19 diary entries, each with a Foundation exam-style question.
* Each diary entry is followed by a dialogue between Elodie and a friend. These contain engaging details about her life in France and give a unique insight into a French person’s view of English culture and lifestyle.
* All with multiple exam-style questions (Foundation and Higher).
* Flexible: transcripts available to support listening and practise reading skills.
* Full answers.

Covers EVERY new spec AQA and Edexcel topic (for Reading & Listening)!
For G&T:
* Extension activities throughout to practise writing in French
* Go online to read extra entries in Elodie’s blog

Resource includes: Photocopy masters + 2 audio CDs. Also includes VLE versions with links to individual worksheets & mp3 tracks.

Cost is £69+vat, price includes photocopiable master and site copy license (orders normally processed in two days). Preview every page here.


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